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“The last three decades have been marked by the speed of changes. There have been more revolutionary periods, but none where change spread around the world with such lightening speed. The Walkman of 1979 led to the iPod. The Selectric typewriter was replaced by the PC, the Mac, the laptop, the Blackberry. ‘Multitasking’ became a [...]

Embedded video from CNN Video

Embedded video from CNN Video

(I’m making a lot of appearances this week and people keep asking me to give them one pagers on the American mind and mood. Here’s what we pulled together most recently, as a crib sheet and a handout. I’m publishing it here in case you want 900 words on what to expect. [...]

20 Dec, 2008

Food for thought

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Here are some of what I shared at our Trends 2009 breakfast at Manhatt’s Hotel Kitano this week:
•“We are living in a time when none of the old rules apply. We want and need change, but we’re also afraid of change—what if things get worse? Angst and hope live side by side today. It is [...]

25 Sep, 2008

Join us in Intelligent Dialogue

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It’s a fallacy to assume that trends are trivial. They’re much bigger than the vagaries of fashion, much more important than the latest foodie fad or the model of the moment. At Porter Novelli, we’re always looking out for them.
To get a glimpse of trends at work, just watch a flock of birds in flight, [...]