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25 Mar, 2009

Arm’s–length intimacy

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: internet

Recently, a steamy online romance between bullet-scarred bad boy Tommy, 18, and hot 17-year-old jailbait Jessica ended badly. After exchanging countless e-mails full of intimate details and passionate promises of what they would do when they finally met in person, it turned out that Tommy was actually an overweight, lonely 45-year-old bachelor and Jessica was [...]

23 Jan, 2009

Do marketers “get” social media?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: connectivity| social media

Apparently growing numbers of marketers are sick of hearing Web-related buzzwords such as “Web 2.0,” “blog” and “social networking.” Come again? The second annual survey of marketers by Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) reported that twice as many marketers as last year claimed to be tired of hearing these terms. It reminds me of the [...]