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23 Jun, 2009

The importance of remembering

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: American life| Twitter

Anybody I’m connected with on Twitter or Facebook has surely noticed me giving lots of character-love to the troops-supporting fundraiser Tweet to ReMIND, which kicked off Memorial Day weekend and hits fever pitch as we approach the Fourth of July Weekend.  It’s a vital project that’s harnessing social media to give back to the men [...]

We’re seeing the rise of the $104 giver. It’s the new philanthropy, put in the hands of you and me. It’s the power to make real moves via laptop or Blackberry or iPhone—and via small donations of a couple of dollars per week that gain strength from the momentum of massive virtual networks. These givers [...]

Without a doubt, these are tough times for charitable organizations, as they are for everyone else. When our cash is scarce, sadly, generosity can take a backseat to immediate necessity. So creative fundraising is key to the continuing health of all-important philanthropic groups. A great example is the upcoming fundraising effort by the Bob Woodruff [...]