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“Reboot.” By the end of last year it had become a buzzword, and it’s time to admit that the rescue until now hasn’t produced much. We’ve got to bite the bullet, and try to reboot. Here is one columnist’s opinion, just published in the U.K. Telegraph. Food for thought on the dire circumstances before us [...]

13 Jan, 2009

Size matters: small cars

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It’s not the obvious time to be talking about what’s going right in the auto industry, what with a U.S. federal bailout in progress and record falls in sales for virtually all brands. But unless life as we know it gets stuck on Pause forever, sooner or later people will start buying again. And when [...]

Obama style and inauguration energy are everywhere, and as great as it feels, I’m starting to wonder if there will be morning-after disappointment when we wake up January 21 and our problems are still very much real, even with our first Cusper president. I’m not thinking in terms of politics, but in terms of managing [...]

11 Jan, 2009

Doubting Dubai

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Property values could tumble as much as 20 percent in the next three years in Dubai.

Without a doubt, these are tough times for charitable organizations, as they are for everyone else. When our cash is scarce, sadly, generosity can take a backseat to immediate necessity. So creative fundraising is key to the continuing health of all-important philanthropic groups. A great example is the upcoming fundraising effort by the Bob Woodruff [...]

My trends are converging.
Is it just me, or does this year’s holiday season feel like one big media message about deep discounts and Bargain Fridays, and people who aren’t spending? This morning I was in the Westport, Connecticut, shopping district, and there were signs everywhere virtually screaming, “Come in!,” “Cheap prices” and “Buy here.”
I [...]