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For the last six years, Porter Novelli has had the honor of serving as Agency of Record for SXSW Interactive. This year’s conference, happening March 12 – 16 in Austin, Texas will be bigger and better than ever. As many of you know, SXSW is all about the community. To that end, we have been [...]

07 Aug, 2009

Moving on

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Change is never easy. I’m feeling that profoundly today, as I’ve announced I’ll be moving on from my post at Porter Novelli to a new position with another agency.
Ours is an industry that is constantly changing, and people are always moving from challenge to challenge and from team to team in search of opportunities [...]

We’re seeing the rise of the $104 giver. It’s the new philanthropy, put in the hands of you and me. It’s the power to make real moves via laptop or Blackberry or iPhone—and via small donations of a couple of dollars per week that gain strength from the momentum of massive virtual networks. These givers [...]

30 Jan, 2009

Me and football and my Blackberry:)

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The long-standing image of overindulgent, lazy football fans might just be a thing of the past. In a week that marks the year’s biggest night for the NFL, Porter Novelli ConsumerStyles data shows that today’s fans are energetic, cause-oriented and engaged with their families and their communities—contrary to traditional stereotypes. Specifically, survey results show male [...]

20 Jan, 2009

Tweets on the Inaug

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More than 130 colleagues have been tweeting with us.  Here are my picks on what they’ve posted in the last several hours:
·         I wonder if the President will get sent a red BlackBerry? For those e-mails with the Russians. from AnthonyJLowe, Porter Novelli Sydney
·         @AnthonyJLowe Funny man. What about a green BlackBerry for communicating with [...]