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16 Dec, 2009

Personal Is the New Local

Posted by: John Orme In: In Focus

Ban the ‘G’ Word – Personal Is the New Local
By John Orme

Partner and Executive Vice President, Porter Novelli China

President of Porter Novelli partner agency Shunya International

Next time you find yourself facing slide 42 of a really boring PowerPoint presentation, here’s something to think about: try to remember the date, the place and the look on [...]

15 Dec, 2009

Low Health Reform Literacy

Posted by: Barbara DeBuono In: In Focus

Low Health Reform Literacy
Let’s get back to basics and the rule of three.

By Barbara DeBuono, M.D., MPH
Chief Medical Officer
Global Director, Public Health and Social Marketing
Porter Novelli

Over the past several months, I have watched the health reform debate descend into confusion, miscommunication and dysfunction—often the very words patients use to describe [...]

09 Dec, 2009

ispeakearth. You Should Too.

Posted by: Stig Albinus In: COP15| Porter Novelli| environment| global news

There are not many really important moments in history. COP15 , the United Nations Climate Conference that is taking place in Copenhagen right now, is such a moment. The outcome of COP15 will determine the path forward for the planet: Will we – the world community at large – start making a real effort [...]