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A CBS News/New York Times poll finds that 6 of every 10 Americans feel people’s lives will be better in the future. Americans appear to have grown more optimistic over the past 30 years; in 1979, only 6 percent of Americans thought the future would be better. The recent poll, conducted as part of the [...]

There are a few people in life who are genuinely unforgettable and Jay Chiat is one of those people. Whenever I find myself challenged by something completely new and thoroughly overwhelming, I look for an imaginary WWJD bracelet and think: What would Jay (not Jesus!) do? Or better still, how would I master this particular [...]

30 Jan, 2009

Me and football and my Blackberry:)

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The long-standing image of overindulgent, lazy football fans might just be a thing of the past. In a week that marks the year’s biggest night for the NFL, Porter Novelli ConsumerStyles data shows that today’s fans are energetic, cause-oriented and engaged with their families and their communities—contrary to traditional stereotypes. Specifically, survey results show male [...]

28 Jan, 2009

Buying influence

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Bloggers, Facebookers and the like are taking advantage of their own influencing power to generate revenue, by selling that power to brands and businesses. I call this the Personal CPM. And the more value these influencers develop as their own media brand, the more they compete for eyeballs with big media. Consumers with personal CPMs [...]

28 Jan, 2009

This is no normal year

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In normal years Davos is a welcome getaway for busy leaders, who get some valuable time to reflect and network in luxury with their peers in politics, business and science. In normal years, it’s important but not vital. But this isn’t a normal year, and this year Davos feels vital.
The theme is “Shaping the Post-Crisis [...]

27 Jan, 2009

To Davos or not?

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While BusinessWeek reports record attendance at Davos this year, some heads of state and business have their hands full at home—or are they staying away for the sake of image? Timothy Geithner had to be in Washington to face confirmation hearings Monday. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is at home dealing with his state’s financial shortfall, [...]

25 Jan, 2009

1979: What has changed over these 30 years?

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Am pulling together a quirky look-see over what has really changed these thirty years, beyond the obvious inventions: from the ‘net and personal computing to Viagra and new modes of birth control. What do you associate with the greatest changes? Please post away and give me your view of these three decades of bold change. [...]

More discussion about Boomers, including the inclusion of President Obama, in this discussion of Boomer strengths.

This look-see at generational angst also prompted a great deal of debate and put me in the center of a conversation about what each generation expects from the next one. As the debate about the generational power shift from Boomers to Cuspers intensifies, Millennials at work and as adults pose the genuine “what’s new.”

23 Jan, 2009

Do marketers “get” social media?

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Apparently growing numbers of marketers are sick of hearing Web-related buzzwords such as “Web 2.0,” “blog” and “social networking.” Come again? The second annual survey of marketers by Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) reported that twice as many marketers as last year claimed to be tired of hearing these terms. It reminds me of the [...]