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Embedded video from CNN Video

Embedded video from CNN Video

(I’m making a lot of appearances this week and people keep asking me to give them one pagers on the American mind and mood. Here’s what we pulled together most recently, as a crib sheet and a handout. I’m publishing it here in case you want 900 words on what to expect. [...]

29 Dec, 2008

Asias wounded giants suddenly vulnerable, The Economist

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What’s next for Chindia? Great food for thought:
Asias wounded giants | Suddenly vulnerable | The Economist.

27 Dec, 2008

We love what’s lost

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UnTechnology allows us to fly over continents and communicate with anyone in the world; science has delivered us from many infectious diseases; and the global economy brings almost anything we could ever want or need to our doorstep. Yet many of us want to turn back the clock.
Some of us live with regret. Some of [...]

My trends are converging.
Is it just me, or does this year’s holiday season feel like one big media message about deep discounts and Bargain Fridays, and people who aren’t spending? This morning I was in the Westport, Connecticut, shopping district, and there were signs everywhere virtually screaming, “Come in!,” “Cheap prices” and “Buy here.”
I [...]

I originally wrote this more than a year ago, for Psychologies (U.K.). But when I re-read it, it feels more true than ever, and I wanted to share it.
What’s the new New? Things change so fast now, and old certainties are quickly overturned. In response, we’ve all latched on to “X is the new [...]

26 Dec, 2008

Three generations under one roof

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Not long ago, many people believed the safest bet for their retirement years was to cash in the equity in their homes and move to an apartment or retirement community. But downsizing to a smaller home doesn’t help if you’re selling at a loss. The result: More and more retirement-age moms and dads are [...]

The economic crisis has made everyone acutely aware of the risky, tenuous nature of global systems, and not just the financial ones. In the past, major economic crises (the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression) increased people’s appetite for change and their willingness to try something different in order to solve problems. Will [...]

24 Dec, 2008

Value and values: one of the ten trends for 2009

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“Value” and “values.” Everyone will be using these words in the months and years ahead. And the words themselves can invoke many different meanings; so let’s focus for a moment on what we mean.
“Value” is what people want and are willing to pay for, and price is how much they are asked to pay [...]