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Since the news first broke of Philip Markoff’s arrest, I’ve become increasingly obsessed that we’ve reached the tipping point in the trend of real life blurring with online. That particular crime hit me hard when it came across the news scroll. The murders took place in cities I’ve frequented: Warwick, R.I. [...]

11 Mar, 2009

Talking about the near future in Seattle

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Marian Salzman on Seattle TV (King 5/Kong)
And finally, photos from a trends luncheon hosted by Porter Novelli in Seattle:

18 Feb, 2009

Using the word “consumer”

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In the lead-up to New York Fashion Week, the Wall Street Journal talked to Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour about the economy’s effect on the fashion industry. “When the editor of Vogue rails against consumerism, the economy must be in a tailspin,” the story’s introduction read. As it turned out, the sartorial starmaker didn’t [...]

14 Feb, 2009

As featured on CNN: The economy and romance

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After months of talk of bank bailouts and auto-industry rescues, along came Larry Flynt. The long-embattled porn purveyor had a cheeky message to Congress, requesting a bailout for the adult entertainment industry, to recover losses stemming from the nation’s low libido. “People are too depressed to be sexually active,” Flynt reasoned. “This is very unhealthy.”
Whatever [...]

06 Feb, 2009

Word economy: It’s time to downsize

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Less is more, for words too. Short and simple says much more.  But right now I want to take up a little more space to argue the case for the power of brevity.
First, a few words for intellectual snobs who think only diatribes deserve respect: Of course Russian novels and great operas and even [...]

What happens to commitments of love in a time of economic angst? Watch the classic film “Cabaret,” set in Depression-era 1930s Berlin, for a clue to the mind-set that can occur when romance takes a backseat to survival. The show’s view of love in the song “Money”: “Money makes the world go around … But [...]

A CBS News/New York Times poll finds that 6 of every 10 Americans feel people’s lives will be better in the future. Americans appear to have grown more optimistic over the past 30 years; in 1979, only 6 percent of Americans thought the future would be better. The recent poll, conducted as part of the [...]

There are a few people in life who are genuinely unforgettable and Jay Chiat is one of those people. Whenever I find myself challenged by something completely new and thoroughly overwhelming, I look for an imaginary WWJD bracelet and think: What would Jay (not Jesus!) do? Or better still, how would I master this particular [...]

15 Jan, 2009

She’ll redefine middle-aged beauty

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“Obama, who turns 45 on Jan. 17, will be the youngest First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy in an age in which the media glare has never been stronger, dialing up the degree of public interest in her every move. ”
“She’s referred to as a young woman, but she’s really defining what it is to be [...]

03 Jan, 2009

Will 2009 be a nicer year?

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As the meltdown year of 2008 clicked over to the uncertain year of 2009, many people sung the new year in with the timeless Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne.” And many may have lingered a little longer than usual on that poignant line in the chorus—the one that says “We’ll take a cup of kindness [...]