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One of the biggest winners at the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June was a brand the whole world has quickly grown to love: Barack Obama. Actually it was his Presidential campaign headed up by David Plouffe that won two major awards. The news sent my thoughts racing.
Although I’m a marketer through and [...]

One of the hot-hot-hot topics of the past few months–alongside the economic crisis and the Obamas–has been the explosive rise of social media and whether and how corporations and corporate executives can make smart use of it.
Back in the mid-1990s, getting clients to take the Internet at all seriously was like pulling teeth. They used [...]

02 Apr, 2009

Michelle Obama in London

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Does anybody know what label Barack Obama was wearing today as he attended the G20 summit in London on his first trip abroad as President? He always looks flawless, but no one seems too concerned about digging into his sartorial secrets.
What we do know is that his wife Michelle has the world on alert with [...]

So it’s clear that Obama is outraged on our (the taxpayers’) behalf, and we thank him for that. On the heels of the President’s recent dressing down of insurance giant AIG for its huge bonus payouts, CEO Edward Liddy told Congress he has called for the return of “at least half” of bonuses of more [...]

Since the World As We Knew It morphed from Dalí painting to disaster movie last year, there has been a subdued but detectable undertone to the ever-present anxiety. Though many people contemplate the future with fear and dread, a few are feeling excited. The stress is stimulating them, and I don’t mean government stimulus, I mean [...]

Standing out among President Obama’s seemingly impeccable instincts is his understanding of symbolism’s role in sending powerful messages. He started his Presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln once honed his political skills. Last week, Obama followed Lincoln’s Inaugural train route from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. And at yesterday’s Inauguration, he laid his hand [...]

20 Jan, 2009

Tweets on the Inaug

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More than 130 colleagues have been tweeting with us.  Here are my picks on what they’ve posted in the last several hours:
·         I wonder if the President will get sent a red BlackBerry? For those e-mails with the Russians. from AnthonyJLowe, Porter Novelli Sydney
·         @AnthonyJLowe Funny man. What about a green BlackBerry for communicating with [...]

As someone who carries not one but two BlackBerries, and who admits to a genuine addiction to constant connectivity, I understand why our new President isn’t prepared to give up this link to the real and real-time world. My questions: Who is going to be comfortable writing him quick little notes knowing the whole world, [...]

15 Jan, 2009

She’ll redefine middle-aged beauty

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“Obama, who turns 45 on Jan. 17, will be the youngest First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy in an age in which the media glare has never been stronger, dialing up the degree of public interest in her every move. ”
“She’s referred to as a young woman, but she’s really defining what it is to be [...]

Obama style and inauguration energy are everywhere, and as great as it feels, I’m starting to wonder if there will be morning-after disappointment when we wake up January 21 and our problems are still very much real, even with our first Cusper president. I’m not thinking in terms of politics, but in terms of managing [...]