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One of the hot-hot-hot topics of the past few months–alongside the economic crisis and the Obamas–has been the explosive rise of social media and whether and how corporations and corporate executives can make smart use of it.
Back in the mid-1990s, getting clients to take the Internet at all seriously was like pulling teeth. They used [...]

Without a doubt, these are tough times for charitable organizations, as they are for everyone else. When our cash is scarce, sadly, generosity can take a backseat to immediate necessity. So creative fundraising is key to the continuing health of all-important philanthropic groups. A great example is the upcoming fundraising effort by the Bob Woodruff [...]

The economic crisis has made everyone acutely aware of the risky, tenuous nature of global systems, and not just the financial ones. In the past, major economic crises (the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression) increased people’s appetite for change and their willingness to try something different in order to solve problems. Will [...]

20 Dec, 2008

Barter exchange

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The more bad news we hear about the cash economy, the more good news comes about the barter economy, people exchanging goods and services instead of cash. It’s a hot topic in the media and a growing business for sites that facilitate trades–Craigslist, and cater to consumers and small businesses; coordinates full-blown [...]

It’s sobering to think that humans have harnessed electricity, mastered supersonic flight, tamed nuclear energy, enabled instant communication around the world and mapped the human genome, yet we still haven’t mastered money.
We thought we had it nailed, more or less, but then the current economic crisis proved us all wrong. It’s not surprising [...]

18 Dec, 2008

Greentech and cleantech: fad or future?

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Many expect the economic crisis to push environmental issues way down the priority list of governments, corporations and consumers. Not surprising when cash is in doubt–paying next month’s bills feels like a much more urgent problem than dealing with peak oil or climate change. And with oil and gas prices depressed by the economic downturn, [...]

12 Dec, 2008

Watch and wait: reboot alert

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“Bailout” (defined as “a rescue from financial distress”) has been named 2008 Word of the Year by Merriam-Webster, beating out “maverick,” “bipartisan” and “turmoil.” According to Webster, bailout had the highest intensity of lookups over the shortest period of time this year, earning it the title. We predict “reboot” will join that esteemed list come [...]

13 Oct, 2008

The current credit crisis

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Down the road, how will people look back on the current credit crisis? And what does it mean for us right now? In the 1920s and ’30s, the Wall Street Crash led to the Great Depression. In the 1970s, we faced the oil crisis, followed by stagflation. Less than a decade ago, the dot-com bubble [...]