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I recently returned from a week-long immersion in the world of software developers, user experience designers and coders — Twitter’s first-ever ‘Chirp’ Developer Conference.  Through the course of the week, I absorbed a lot of information first-hand and had some great conversations that helped me to learn more about this increasingly important community.
-  They like to [...]

For the last six years, Porter Novelli has had the honor of serving as Agency of Record for SXSW Interactive. This year’s conference, happening March 12 – 16 in Austin, Texas will be bigger and better than ever. As many of you know, SXSW is all about the community. To that end, we have been [...]

06 Feb, 2009

Word economy: It’s time to downsize

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Less is more, for words too. Short and simple says much more.  But right now I want to take up a little more space to argue the case for the power of brevity.
First, a few words for intellectual snobs who think only diatribes deserve respect: Of course Russian novels and great operas and even [...]

This is a guest blog from my colleague Danny at Porter Novelli in Brussels.

As someone who carries not one but two BlackBerries, and who admits to a genuine addiction to constant connectivity, I understand why our new President isn’t prepared to give up this link to the real and real-time world. My questions: Who is going to be comfortable writing him quick little notes knowing the whole world, [...]

18 Dec, 2008

Greentech and cleantech: fad or future?

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Many expect the economic crisis to push environmental issues way down the priority list of governments, corporations and consumers. Not surprising when cash is in doubt–paying next month’s bills feels like a much more urgent problem than dealing with peak oil or climate change. And with oil and gas prices depressed by the economic downturn, [...]

18 Dec, 2008

The news and what we need to know

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The recent problems of the Tribune Group are evidence of just how tough it’s becoming for traditional commercial news organizations. All over the place they’re cutting back as advertisers and readers migrate to the Internet and revenues shrink. How long will the traditional model of broad news coverage last—originally reported stories, edited and bundled together [...]