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Since the news first broke of Philip Markoff’s arrest, I’ve become increasingly obsessed that we’ve reached the tipping point in the trend of real life blurring with online. That particular crime hit me hard when it came across the news scroll. The murders took place in cities I’ve frequented: Warwick, R.I. [...]

Laid-Off Foreigners Flee as Dubai Spirals Down –

What happens to commitments of love in a time of economic angst? Watch the classic film “Cabaret,” set in Depression-era 1930s Berlin, for a clue to the mind-set that can occur when romance takes a backseat to survival. The show’s view of love in the song “Money”: “Money makes the world go around … But [...]

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The economic crisis has made everyone acutely aware of the risky, tenuous nature of global systems, and not just the financial ones. In the past, major economic crises (the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression) increased people’s appetite for change and their willingness to try something different in order to solve problems. Will [...]

Rarely has there been a year when so many things went out of style in such a short time: not just investment bankers, gas-guzzling cars, corporate jets, conspicuous consumption and political polarization, but also a whole generation. After strutting and tub-thumping and preening their way across the high ground of politics, media, culture and finance [...]

20 Dec, 2008

Barter exchange

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The more bad news we hear about the cash economy, the more good news comes about the barter economy, people exchanging goods and services instead of cash. It’s a hot topic in the media and a growing business for sites that facilitate trades–Craigslist, and cater to consumers and small businesses; coordinates full-blown [...]

It’s sobering to think that humans have harnessed electricity, mastered supersonic flight, tamed nuclear energy, enabled instant communication around the world and mapped the human genome, yet we still haven’t mastered money.
We thought we had it nailed, more or less, but then the current economic crisis proved us all wrong. It’s not surprising [...]

A few reasons we’re monitoring Chicago that have nothing to do with it being the hometown of the future President, or the future First Lady or the future Secretary of State:

According to the Porter Novelli ConsumerStyles study of 10,000 American adults in the summer of 2008, compared with the rest of the U.S. population, Chicagoans [...]