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These days, people whose job it is to communicate during a crisis could be forgiven for thinking, “I hope that never happens to me.”  Unfortunately, as one of my clients is fond of saying, hope is not a strategy. And even if it once was, it’s no longer the case in the era of social [...]

I’m trying to remember the first time I met Gary Vaynerchuk. I searched my Gmail account and found an email back from 2007 when I e-introduced myself and was angling for a bring in the thunder wristband. Well, that little tchotchke was just the beginning of a strong friendship. Over the years, I have had [...]

For the last six years, Porter Novelli has had the honor of serving as Agency of Record for SXSW Interactive. This year’s conference, happening March 12 – 16 in Austin, Texas will be bigger and better than ever. As many of you know, SXSW is all about the community. To that end, we have been [...]

09 Dec, 2009

ispeakearth. You Should Too.

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There are not many really important moments in history. COP15 , the United Nations Climate Conference that is taking place in Copenhagen right now, is such a moment. The outcome of COP15 will determine the path forward for the planet: Will we – the world community at large – start making a real effort [...]

If you were at PRSA this year or saw the chatter on Twitter, you know there was a serious reaction to this video and for good reason:

According to longtime industry professional Jack O’Dwyer, “PR people are communications experts and should only communicate with other professionals, namely experts in the press, reporters and editors… they should [...]

07 Aug, 2009

Moving on

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Change is never easy. I’m feeling that profoundly today, as I’ve announced I’ll be moving on from my post at Porter Novelli to a new position with another agency.
Ours is an industry that is constantly changing, and people are always moving from challenge to challenge and from team to team in search of opportunities [...]

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25 Sep, 2008

Join us in Intelligent Dialogue

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: Porter Novelli| trendspotting

It’s a fallacy to assume that trends are trivial. They’re much bigger than the vagaries of fashion, much more important than the latest foodie fad or the model of the moment. At Porter Novelli, we’re always looking out for them.
To get a glimpse of trends at work, just watch a flock of birds in flight, [...]