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23 Jun, 2009

Did that really ever happen?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: American life| nostalgia

If you’ve watched “Mad Men” (and if you haven’t, get thee to a Netflix account), I’m certain you’ve been struck by the constant puffing away by nearly every single character. Can’t you just imagine the fictitious stench wafting through those sleek, sexy, uber-stylized Sterling Cooper offices?
Yet while I wouldn’t know exactly how historically and culturally [...]

“The last three decades have been marked by the speed of changes. There have been more revolutionary periods, but none where change spread around the world with such lightening speed. The Walkman of 1979 led to the iPod. The Selectric typewriter was replaced by the PC, the Mac, the laptop, the Blackberry. ‘Multitasking’ became a [...]

There are a few people in life who are genuinely unforgettable and Jay Chiat is one of those people. Whenever I find myself challenged by something completely new and thoroughly overwhelming, I look for an imaginary WWJD bracelet and think: What would Jay (not Jesus!) do? Or better still, how would I master this particular [...]

27 Dec, 2008

We love what’s lost

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UnTechnology allows us to fly over continents and communicate with anyone in the world; science has delivered us from many infectious diseases; and the global economy brings almost anything we could ever want or need to our doorstep. Yet many of us want to turn back the clock.
Some of us live with regret. Some of [...]