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03 Aug, 2009

What’s hotter than New York? The news.

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And the blurring of news and pop culture rages on. … What’s been a hotter global news story lately than Michael Jackson, the pop star of all pop stars? Our culture has even turned our journalists into pop personalities, speculating on their dating habits, their political leanings, questioning their fashion choices, even flagrantly invading their [...]

10 Apr, 2009

More than just coincidences

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It’s no coincidence that the fifth and final season of the HBO cult hit The Wire—one of the smartest and toughest dramas to hit the small screen in decades—focused on the floundering of the city newspaper in the struggling city of Baltimore.
Newspapers are in big trouble in many countries, but they are in especially dire [...]

“The last three decades have been marked by the speed of changes. There have been more revolutionary periods, but none where change spread around the world with such lightening speed. The Walkman of 1979 led to the iPod. The Selectric typewriter was replaced by the PC, the Mac, the laptop, the Blackberry. ‘Multitasking’ became a [...]

12 Jan, 2009

Dealing with news toxins

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One really startling consequence of the past few months’ events has been the impact of the news cycle on the global mood. While the blasts of headlines prior to September weren’t exactly uplifting, since then the ceaseless flow of gloom, doom, death and destruction has been uniquely depressing. I’ll admit I’m inclined to devote full [...]