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03 Aug, 2009

Can “less” be the new normal?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: consumerism| modern life| recession

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore laid out his prediction of a curve of progress for the tech industry that has become known as Moore’s Law: Simply put, that computers would double in power every two years. What a coincidence that the rest of life has not only followed that curve but raced ahead according [...]

Since the news first broke of Philip Markoff’s arrest, I’ve become increasingly obsessed that we’ve reached the tipping point in the trend of real life blurring with online. That particular crime hit me hard when it came across the news scroll. The murders took place in cities I’ve frequented: Warwick, R.I. [...]

So it’s clear that Obama is outraged on our (the taxpayers’) behalf, and we thank him for that. On the heels of the President’s recent dressing down of insurance giant AIG for its huge bonus payouts, CEO Edward Liddy told Congress he has called for the return of “at least half” of bonuses of more [...]

25 Jan, 2009

1979: What has changed over these 30 years?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: modern life

Am pulling together a quirky look-see over what has really changed these thirty years, beyond the obvious inventions: from the ‘net and personal computing to Viagra and new modes of birth control. What do you associate with the greatest changes? Please post away and give me your view of these three decades of bold change. [...]

This is a guest blog from my colleague Danny at Porter Novelli in Brussels.