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09 Mar, 2009

The story of Jack + Bill is millennial empowerment

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In these challenging times, nothing is more important than innovation, because nothing will help us reboot optimism quicker. Jack + Bill may have begun as an offhand challenge to Alyson Campbell and a group of New York­–based Millennials last spring, but we have come an awfully long way since then. Jack + Bill is the [...]

05 Mar, 2009

The saving lifestyle

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When a few influential people start doing something different, we have the makings of a trend. For example, when households started to forgo landlines and use only cell phones at home. Or when Millennials started watching “TV” on their laptops rather than their televisions. 
But when entire populations suddenly start doing something radically different, it’s a [...]

This look-see at generational angst also prompted a great deal of debate and put me in the center of a conversation about what each generation expects from the next one. As the debate about the generational power shift from Boomers to Cuspers intensifies, Millennials at work and as adults pose the genuine “what’s new.”

Pockets of responsible consumerism have always been visible on the fringes, but the movement toward greening and supporting local markets has taken root in a much more mass fashion now, getting the attention of consumers in more than just overpopulated urban areas. Suddenly we are all considering our “carbon footprint.” Farmers and producers of local [...]