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07 Jan, 2010

Porter Novelli Partners with PressLift

Posted by: Stephanie Agresta In: media| social media

Text is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the information that journalists and bloggers require today. Many communications professionals have been “packaging” up information differently for years. Today, with the launch of PressLift, there’s an easy, new solution that handles multi-media content with more finesse then any other product out there. We’re [...]

03 Aug, 2009

What’s hotter than New York? The news.

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: media| news coverage| pop culture

And the blurring of news and pop culture rages on. … What’s been a hotter global news story lately than Michael Jackson, the pop star of all pop stars? Our culture has even turned our journalists into pop personalities, speculating on their dating habits, their political leanings, questioning their fashion choices, even flagrantly invading their [...]

28 Jan, 2009

Buying influence

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: influence| media

Bloggers, Facebookers and the like are taking advantage of their own influencing power to generate revenue, by selling that power to brands and businesses. I call this the Personal CPM. And the more value these influencers develop as their own media brand, the more they compete for eyeballs with big media. Consumers with personal CPMs [...]