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23 Jun, 2009

The supermobility era

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: globalization| mobility

Globalization has been the headline for years as it’s changed the face of communication, finance, business and society. But it’s not a stand-alone phenomenon; it’s totally dependent upon mobility. Constant movement from place to place has made the last few decades frenetic. In fact, we live in an era of supermobility.
Crops are supermobile: Fresh flowers [...]

“The last three decades have been marked by the speed of changes. There have been more revolutionary periods, but none where change spread around the world with such lightening speed. The Walkman of 1979 led to the iPod. The Selectric typewriter was replaced by the PC, the Mac, the laptop, the Blackberry. ‘Multitasking’ became a [...]

Pockets of responsible consumerism have always been visible on the fringes, but the movement toward greening and supporting local markets has taken root in a much more mass fashion now, getting the attention of consumers in more than just overpopulated urban areas. Suddenly we are all considering our “carbon footprint.” Farmers and producers of local [...]

I originally wrote this more than a year ago, for Psychologies (U.K.). But when I re-read it, it feels more true than ever, and I wanted to share it.
What’s the new New? Things change so fast now, and old certainties are quickly overturned. In response, we’ve all latched on to “X is the new [...]

12 Dec, 2008

Watch and wait: reboot alert

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“Bailout” (defined as “a rescue from financial distress”) has been named 2008 Word of the Year by Merriam-Webster, beating out “maverick,” “bipartisan” and “turmoil.” According to Webster, bailout had the highest intensity of lookups over the shortest period of time this year, earning it the title. We predict “reboot” will join that esteemed list come [...]

The global crisis is triggering a wave of soul-searching that will spur many powerful people to action—hopefully concerted action. The coming year will be a time when what should happen will exert far more influence than usual on what actually does happen.
We’ll need to recognize that polarization is a dead end, and replace it with [...]