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These days, people whose job it is to communicate during a crisis could be forgiven for thinking, “I hope that never happens to me.”  Unfortunately, as one of my clients is fond of saying, hope is not a strategy. And even if it once was, it’s no longer the case in the era of social [...]

Porter Novelli Headlines, Porter Novelli’s Polish partner agency, is author and organizer of the first interactive debate about public space in Warsaw with world famous architect of Polish origin – Daniel Libeskind. With this project, Porter Novelli Headlines wants to show the Polish public the possibilities of new media and demonstrate how they changed communication. [...]

09 Dec, 2009

ispeakearth. You Should Too.

Posted by: Stig Albinus In: COP15| Porter Novelli| environment| global news

There are not many really important moments in history. COP15 , the United Nations Climate Conference that is taking place in Copenhagen right now, is such a moment. The outcome of COP15 will determine the path forward for the planet: Will we – the world community at large – start making a real effort [...]

04 Jul, 2009

The King of Pop is the news

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: Iran| Michael Jackson| global news| pop culture

A quick glance at newsstands and TV schedules confirms that consumers have an insatiable appetite for celebrities and human-interest stories. News coverage of the controversial Iranian elections and street protests had begun to die down until the murder of a pretty 20-something woman, Neda, was caught on camera and video and broadcast worldwide, putting a [...]

18 Dec, 2008

The news and what we need to know

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: global news| technology

The recent problems of the Tribune Group are evidence of just how tough it’s becoming for traditional commercial news organizations. All over the place they’re cutting back as advertisers and readers migrate to the Internet and revenues shrink. How long will the traditional model of broad news coverage last—originally reported stories, edited and bundled together [...]