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09 Dec, 2009

ispeakearth. You Should Too.

Posted by: Stig Albinus In: COP15| Porter Novelli| environment| global news

There are not many really important moments in history. COP15 , the United Nations Climate Conference that is taking place in Copenhagen right now, is such a moment. The outcome of COP15 will determine the path forward for the planet: Will we – the world community at large – start making a real effort [...]

Pockets of responsible consumerism have always been visible on the fringes, but the movement toward greening and supporting local markets has taken root in a much more mass fashion now, getting the attention of consumers in more than just overpopulated urban areas. Suddenly we are all considering our “carbon footprint.” Farmers and producers of local [...]

I originally wrote this more than a year ago, for Psychologies (U.K.). But when I re-read it, it feels more true than ever, and I wanted to share it.
What’s the new New? Things change so fast now, and old certainties are quickly overturned. In response, we’ve all latched on to “X is the new [...]

18 Dec, 2008

Greentech and cleantech: fad or future?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: environment| technology| the economy

Many expect the economic crisis to push environmental issues way down the priority list of governments, corporations and consumers. Not surprising when cash is in doubt–paying next month’s bills feels like a much more urgent problem than dealing with peak oil or climate change. And with oil and gas prices depressed by the economic downturn, [...]