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29 Jan, 2010

Holding the Keys to the Content Kingdom

Posted by: Jeremy Rosenberg In: Net Neutrality| current events

The war over the delivery of digital content continues to rage and new battlegrounds are introduced every day.  It’s being waged on many fronts and by many conglomerates. Some battles are making their way through the courts, and others via the board room. And now a series of recent events are shining a new light [...]

Porter Novelli Headlines, Porter Novelli’s Polish partner agency, is author and organizer of the first interactive debate about public space in Warsaw with world famous architect of Polish origin – Daniel Libeskind. With this project, Porter Novelli Headlines wants to show the Polish public the possibilities of new media and demonstrate how they changed communication. [...]

01 Mar, 2009

Am I addicted to news?

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: current events

I tele-commuted one day last week, so TV news was my workmate all day long. It was an eye-opening experience. I watched Joe the Plumber attend a book signing five people showed up to; and economic report after economic report repeatedly reminding me that the sky is still falling. I heard various conservatives rant, numerous [...]