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03 Aug, 2009

Can “less” be the new normal?

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In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore laid out his prediction of a curve of progress for the tech industry that has become known as Moore’s Law: Simply put, that computers would double in power every two years. What a coincidence that the rest of life has not only followed that curve but raced ahead according [...]

02 Apr, 2009

Michelle Obama in London

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: "The Obama Effect"| consumerism

Does anybody know what label Barack Obama was wearing today as he attended the G20 summit in London on his first trip abroad as President? He always looks flawless, but no one seems too concerned about digging into his sartorial secrets.
What we do know is that his wife Michelle has the world on alert with [...]

14 Mar, 2009

Indicators: what’s happening?

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Where can we find true indicators of what’s happening now, so that we can help coherently shape our future? We all look to mainstream media, who relentlessly attempt to break down for us the multi-zero sums that are nearly impossible to comprehend. At the gym or the coffee shop, we hear people tell their own [...]

18 Feb, 2009

Using the word “consumer”

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In the lead-up to New York Fashion Week, the Wall Street Journal talked to Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour about the economy’s effect on the fashion industry. “When the editor of Vogue rails against consumerism, the economy must be in a tailspin,” the story’s introduction read. As it turned out, the sartorial starmaker didn’t [...]

24 Dec, 2008

Value and values: one of the ten trends for 2009

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“Value” and “values.” Everyone will be using these words in the months and years ahead. And the words themselves can invoke many different meanings; so let’s focus for a moment on what we mean.
“Value” is what people want and are willing to pay for, and price is how much they are asked to pay [...]