Dec 09, 2009

ispeakearth. You Should Too.

Posted by: Stig Albinus In: COP15| Porter Novelli| environment| global news

COP 15 CopenhagenThere are not many really important moments in history. COP15 , the United Nations Climate Conference that is taking place in Copenhagen right now, is such a moment. The outcome of COP15 will determine the path forward for the planet: Will we – the world community at large – start making a real effort to curb climate change or will we wait to see what happens?

Some people are using “Climate Gate’”, i.e., the disclosure of private e-mails by some climate change scientists, to claim that global warming is a hoax or wildly overstated. I do believe that the facts and the science provide evidence that greenhouse gas emissions are a serious problem threatening the planet and the future for generations to come.

However, even if you believe that the threat of global warming is overstated, it is hard to find sound arguments for not reducing greenhouse gasses, for not advancing renewable energy sources and not improving energy efficiency.

Many people are looking for world leaders to come to Copenhagen to make decisions about how to address global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We should not leave it to politicians to determine the future of our planet. Our future. We should all step up to the plate and engage in the conversation about climate change and aim to directly influence the outcome of COP15.

Ispeakearth, the campaign that the Copenhagen Climate Council and Porter Novelli launched on November 25, is an opportunity for you to let your voice be heard. is a social media campaign that was launched through a video narrated by actress and environmental activist Cate Blanchett.

We should all speak earth. Go to and let your voice be heard.

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