Dec 13, 2008

Sighting from the Zeitgeist: “the crack cocaine of online dating”

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: connectivity| love| sexuality

Technology has made casual hookups, and infidelity, simpler than ever: A well-placed digital photo and a reasonably witty online profile can bring dozens of responses within a few hours. And there are niche markets for everything (among the more obscure I’ve come across: love connections for the freakishly tall and even for devotees of the American writer Ayn Rand. But what a friend of mine calls ‘the crack cocaine of online dating’ does have its risks. Ultimately, it’s much easier to hide one’s true intentions behind the anonymity of a keyboard, and to lie. I’ve met men who happily crop out years of their life (and children!) as easily as the woman standing next to them in their profile picture. Of course, not everyone online is a cheater. Some people are completely open about their alter egos, and use their avatars to have cybersex on sites such as Second Life. And many see it purely as a form of escapism, and have no intention of actually meeting in person. —“Modern Sex: Catherine Townsend Logs on to the New Revolution,” Independent (U.K.), December 6, 2008

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