Feb 01, 2009

How the world changed: 30 years of tragedies and triumphs

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: 1979| American life| globalization| news coverage| nostalgia

“The last three decades have been marked by the speed of changes. There have been more revolutionary periods, but none where change spread around the world with such lightening speed. The Walkman of 1979 led to the iPod. The Selectric typewriter was replaced by the PC, the Mac, the laptop, the Blackberry. ‘Multitasking’ became a word. The Soviet Empire crumbled. The Islamic Revolution erupted in Iran and eventually spread throughout the world, leading to 9/11. China became a world economic power. And we changed as a people, on average we’re taller, and more of us are obese, yet we live longer. More of our children do not live in the traditional two parents’ family. We have children later in life, and more women choose not to have any at all. Rita Braver reports on the past three decades where Sunday Morning was a constant, if little else was.”

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