Jan 30, 2009

Me and football and my Blackberry:)

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: Super Bowl

The long-standing image of overindulgent, lazy football fans might just be a thing of the past. In a week that marks the year’s biggest night for the NFL, Porter Novelli ConsumerStyles data shows that today’s fans are energetic, cause-oriented and engaged with their families and their communities—contrary to traditional stereotypes. Specifically, survey results show male football fans are more likely than the general public to be charitable—giving to causes that are important to them such as improving education, feeding the hungry and helping those with disabilities. And that female NFL fans are more likely than other women to be early adopters of technology and to be tech influencers in their communities (meaning friends ask them for advice about electronics and technology). Exciting news for sure, in this time of yearning for awareness and change. I’m betting however, that it won’t mean a complete dearth of buffalo wings and beers come Sunday.


Though I don’t care much for the gridiron or junk food, I won’t need my arm twisted this weekend to go to a friend’s house for an evening of potluck, sit quietly with my Blackberry as Steeler and Cardinal acolytes howl at the TV, and wait for the commercials. Clearly, the highlight of the Super Bowl frenzy is the hotly anticipated ad reveal. Though nowadays you can get sneak peeks online, it’s still fun to watch them on the big screen and critique them with a group. I’m eagerly awaiting what Pepsi has in store. I see their new branding effort on billboards whenever I drive up I-95 to work, which led me to check out refresheverything.com, where they are currently posting videos gearing up for an “online Super Bowl party” hosted by the ridiculously funny Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame. (A preview of Pepsi’s Super Bowl ad, a playful take on generational change, via Mediapost.)


Online Super Bowl parties. … Ok, that is definitely progress. I am having a hard time believing it’s been 25 years since Ridley Scott and Apple’s 1984 “1984″ Super Bowl spot, introducing the Mac for the first time. It was truly a game-changer that had nothing to do with football.


Read also: A paean to the legendary Mac ad, by Michael Weinrib, via ESPN.com.

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