Jan 20, 2009

Tweets on the Inaug

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More than 130 colleagues have been tweeting with us.  Here are my picks on what they’ve posted in the last several hours:


·         I wonder if the President will get sent a red BlackBerry? For those e-mails with the Russians. from AnthonyJLowe, Porter Novelli Sydney


·         @AnthonyJLowe Funny man. What about a green BlackBerry for communicating with Al Gore? from skigod, Porter Novelli Sydney


* Ben & Jerry’s “Yes, PeCAN” Ice Cream http://snipurl.com/ae2mi from darbtx, Porter Novelli NY


·         Obama=Lincoln? I see it…not sure how ‘Gen Me’ will survive without putting ‘me first’ http://tinyurl.com/7o49dv from Julia912, Porter Novelli NY


·         Reading major national newspaper: “this is a major triumph for human evolution” to “what is mrs obama going to wear? from kovse, Porter Novelli Mexico City


·         Expectations on whether obama can deliver are high, right now indian media is focused on what his wife will wear :) from timepass, Porter Novelli Bangalore


Excitement and Scene


·         Yes or no–DC vibe right now is American version of Hemmingway’s Pamplona? from csukach, Porter Novelli DC


·         Still in awe over the energy in DC this weekend. Born and raised here, but have never seen/felt anything like it. from chia081, Porter Novelli DC


· I have seen the Rolling Stones, U2, Springsteen … I have never seen a crowd more excited. from GaryStockman, Porter Novelli NY


·         Want to make tomorrow count for my kids. they want to be a part of history, too.  from BBaut, Porter Novelli DC


·         I may be 3000 miles away…but the excitement for tomorrow is even palpable here. Nlgbusa, Porter Novelli Seattle


·         Received 3 congratulatory emails from friends on different continents. The global excitement is extraordinary! kkmetetz, Porter Novelli Boston


·         Can’t wait 4 the Inaug…going 2 an Inaug “pajama party.” The kids play in PJs while the ‘rents watch history together! from Adam9382, Porter Novelli DC


·         “There is a sense of change with Obama, but less excitement with the inauguration than election night.” from melbourne_oz, Porter Novelli Melbourne




·         Just read Obama’s letter to his daughters in yesterday’s Parade. Inspiring! from emawa, Porter Novelli San Francisco


·         Today’s NYTImes: Obama seeks to “tap into the nation’s intellectual dialogue.” What an inspiring thought. from darbtx, Porter Novelli NY


Challenges and Expectations


·         Canadian Press: 57% of Canadians think Obama will top expectations. http://tinyurl.com/9hvfgg, from jennwasley, Porter Novelli Toronto


·         I feel sorry for Obama in a way. After so much high expectation it’s all his to eff up. from lemondrizzle


·         @lemondrizzle you have a point, for him the PR tenet of under-promise and over deliver just isn’t possible, from KerryMG, Porter Novelli Boston


·         Obama will take over the duty today but I am sure it will be so tuff, from FeyzaElvanoglu, Porter Novelli Istanbul


·         Slovak press is mixed in its reviews of Obama. Some call him Messiah and call to act now for Gaza and EU vs. Russia dispute. from emsi, Porter Novelli Slovakia


·         “At the Inauguration, Obama starts up the challenge of turning words into change”, says Folha de S. Paulo. from luanafleury, Porter Novelli Sao Paulo


Outside Perspectives


·         Listening to Mexican media: US now is VERY different than the country Bush received 8 years ago, much more united, from skleinra, Porter Novelli Mexico City


·         Beijing: ready for Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, meaning strength, hard work & resilience. A good sign for Obama?  from johnorme, Porter Novelli Beijing


·         RT @anthonyjlowe: While Northeast USA freezes on inauguration day, sunny Sydney will be 36C. Watching CNN, beer in hand, from skigod, Porter Novelli Sydney


·         Elton John dedicated a song to Obama during his show in Rio de Janeiro yesterday. The crowd applauded standing, from anajju, Porter Novelli Rio


January 17, 2009

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