Jan 17, 2009

BlackBerry flattered, but it’d be easier if Obama let gadget go

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: "The Obama Effect"| American life| Cuspers| technology

As someone who carries not one but two BlackBerries, and who admits to a genuine addiction to constant connectivity, I understand why our new President isn’t prepared to give up this link to the real and real-time world. My questions: Who is going to be comfortable writing him quick little notes knowing the whole world, literally, has access to the messages? What happens when the President’s e-mails get misinterpreted (as e-mails often do)? An e-mail typically isn’t a well considered, well edited document, but rather presumes the reader “gets” what the writer means, regardless of the actual words typed on the screen? And, finally, who is going to protect the First BlackBerry? Is this a new security role? An American first in 2009?

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