Jan 15, 2009

She’ll redefine middle-aged beauty

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: "The Obama Effect"| Cuspers| trendspotting


Obama, who turns 45 on Jan. 17, will be the youngest First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy in an age in which the media glare has never been stronger, dialing up the degree of public interest in her every move. ”


“She’s referred to as a young woman, but she’s really defining what it is to be middle-aged,” said Marian Salzman. … “Obama is “going to live her 40s under the spotlight of the media.” Obama, who’s already been featured in magazines like Essence, is being celebrated as a modern-day Kennedy for her youthful look, A-line dresses, string of pearls and hair flip.

  • Lodengrun14
    Let's say Kennedy style, but please throw in Eleanor Roosevelt substance
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