Nov 20, 2008

Think 2009

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: "The Obama Effect"| American life| globalization| thought leadership| trendspotting

The global crisis is triggering a wave of soul-searching that will spur many powerful people to action—hopefully concerted action. The coming year will be a time when what should happen will exert far more influence than usual on what actually does happen.

We’ll need to recognize that polarization is a dead end, and replace it with a new civility. It’s a year when we will watch out for flashes of hope from science, and more urgently support research surrounding diseases wreaking havoc on our lives and our health care system—HIV/AIDS, diabetes and virulent cancers, among others. We can move another step forward from last year’s trend of thinking and acting locally, and focus on personal empowerment. It’s a great morale booster to realize we can make extraordinary contributions by sharing our own concern and passion and talents. My gut says 2009 is going to be a year in which more independent leaders emerge that share a centrist vision versus left or right. The near-term imperative is for leaders to keep a cool head and chart a course that people can trust and work toward. These leaders will need to transcend polarization, to be masters of resolving conflict.  The leaders who do hold steady and accomplish these feats in these times will truly go down in history as great men and women.

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