Jan 08, 2009

Local is the new global

Posted by: Marian Salzman In: carbon footprint| environment| globalization| green markets| localization| millennials

Pockets of responsible consumerism have always been visible on the fringes, but the movement toward greening and supporting local markets has taken root in a much more mass fashion now, getting the attention of consumers in more than just overpopulated urban areas. Suddenly we are all considering our “carbon footprint.” Farmers and producers of local goods could benefit from this turn of the tide, as consumers do more shopping closer to home. This is not a bad time to be selling low-cost, travel-free forms of entertainment.

The rise of the Millennials as earners and spenders is also driving the focus on community. Having grown up with access to their parents’ disposable incomes and as participators in the internet flourish, this generation is more globally and technologically savvy than any before them. But this educated, earnest group seek more than flash; they understand global issues and seek fulfillment by making changes in their own communities. Local is the new global. Millennials are proponents of reducing consumption, and when it comes to using their purchasing power, they rely on a more grassroots approach, using social networking tools to swap product experiences and reviews, discriminating based on research rather than as a reaction to brands or glossy campaigns.

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