Jan 07, 2010

Porter Novelli Partners with PressLift

Posted by: Stephanie Agresta In: media| social media

Text is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the information that journalists and bloggers require today. Many communications professionals have been “packaging” up information differently for years. Today, with the launch of PressLift, there’s an easy, new solution that handles multi-media content with more finesse then any other product out there. We’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with drop.io on the launch of PressLift, enabling our employees and clients to tell their stories in a compelling, innovative, and easy to access format. Here’s the PressLift on PressLift (It’s actually the best way to tell the story).

PressLift LogoThe team at drop.io are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I know. For those of you that don’t know about drop.io, here’s a quick briefing: Their platform enables users to shares files online like documents, presentations, and videos, which are often too big to send in an email.  Using their service is as simple as going to the drop.io website, uploading your file attachment (no registration is required), and sending the custom link or “drop” to the recipient of your choice. They know how to solve problems and they do it with style.

When Steve Greenwood, VP of Business Development, and Sam Lessin, Drop.io’s CEO, came to me to discuss their new product, PressLift, I knew their problem-solving skills were at work again.  Their team came across some revealing statistics:

  • 90% of PR professionals see value in including multi-media with a standard press release.
  • 90% of journalists say it’s important to access multi-media easily.
  • Only 10% of press releases contain multi-media because it is IT-intensive, expensive, and frustrating to upload.

Based on this information, the drop.io team developed PressLift, a multi-media sharing service that caters to communications professionals, journalists and bloggers.  With PressLift, users can rely on traditional news release formats like word documents, but enhance them with complementary multi-media files that are stored and shared in a “PressLift”.  Other key features include measuring and tracking, search engine optimization, embargo period functionality, and FTC guideline compliance.

In the coming months, we’ll be using PressLift to share news about @porternovelli activities (including the upcoming SXSW conference), as well as product information from the many clients we serve. For more information about PressLift, read the official announcement and follow them on Twitter @PressLift.

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